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Terms and Conditions of the SportsLife FREE Membership

  1. The Free membership only has access to purchase the SportsLife Trademarked merchandise at the Free Membership rates.
  2. The Free Membership does not give you access the the Members Only Website.
  3. The Free Membership does not include any of the other features and benefits of a full SportsLife membership.
  4. The Free membership does not come with a website or website builder.
  5. Support for the Free Membership is by email only.  If placing an order you can do this by phone, email or online.
  6. You must pay for all merchandise in full at the time of order.
  7. You must agree and have filled with us a separate MAP agreement that outlines the advertising and marketing of the SportsLife Trademarked products.
  8. You can cancel your membership at anytime for any reason.
  9. SportsLife may at anytime cancel your membership or this membership type at anytime without warning. 
  10. This agreement maybe changed by SportsLife at anytime.

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