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SportsLife is always on the look out for new and popular programs to help our members save money!  Recently we have added greater flexibility our membership to help all of our members get the features they need and not to pay for features not needed.  So, what does this mean to you?  It means a lower cost of a SportsLife membership, because we have lowered our cost's we pass those savings on to you!  While at the same time we used the power of our buying group to negotiate lower prices for our members!

Join now to take advantage of this new program! 
Prices will increase soon so lock in your savings today!
Offer Expires October 27, 2017

2 Payment Options

Choose the payment options that best fit your needs, you can pay monthly with a annual agreement or pay once and never have to pay again! 


SportsLife Membership

  • Membership Kit

  • Unlimited Phone & Email Support

  • Membership Manual

  • Confidential Whole Price List - Various

  • Full Color Catalogs - Various

  • Trademarked Apparel!

  • Custom Trademarked Application - Design your own!

  • Access to the Members Only Website

  • Monthly Newsletters

  • Newly Added Suppliers


   Monthly Plan
Cost: $0 Start Up
Monthly Dues: $59.95
S&H of Member Kit: $18.95
Term: Annual Agreement


   Annual Plan
: $198 Start Up
Monthly Dues: $0
S&H of Member Kit: $18.95
Term: None!

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