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Join SportsLife, the largest buying group of it's kind to buy direct from manufacturers and suppliers.

Buying Group Power!

As a SportsLife Member you'll be given exclusive access to our suppliers that give special pricing to our members.  Your unique member number identifies you to all the SportsLife suppliers so you can have instant access to their products!

Trademarked Apparel!

ONLY SportsLife Members can sell our trademarked branded products.  As a member you can sell the apparel retail or wholesale.  Sell on your website or in your store or at special events.  Additionally, you will be able to wholesale them to other retailers large and small.  Sell to large retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods or to your local sports stores and other retailers that sell apparel.

On Going Support!

As a SportsLife member you will receive top notch support and help every step of the way!  You can contact us by phone or email for any question, anytime!

With SportsLife, you are in business for yourself BUT not by yourself!

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  • Members Only Web Site
  • Unlimited Support
  • Member Start Up Kit
  • Buying Group Power
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Supplier Directory
  • Trophies and Award
  • Confidential Wholesale Price Lists
  • Access to sporting goods
  • Custom Team Uniforms

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For 24 years SportsLife has helped people just like you make it in the sporting goods and apparel industry, and we can help you too!

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I have had great success with the SportsLife suppliers and I hope those relationships will continue for years to come. I am thankful to everyone that is affiliated with SportsLife for making the old saying, “Living the Dream” a real and personal experience for me and my family.
— Kevin Markuson K&J Sporting Goods

Testimonials :)

With a 24 year track record, SportsLife gives you the tools, industry connections and support you need!

Paul Toups talking about the benefits of being a SportsLife Dealer.
We inquired about a lot of other businesses, but SportsLife is literally in a league of its own. Whenever we have a question, all we have to do is call SportsLife and they are always able to help us.
— Tim & Michelle Naypauer, Owners of Call It Sports
The Sportslife Dealer Package has enabled me to get started in the sporting goods industry, which otherwise would not have had. Sportslife’s help with embroidery on hats and shirts has been a tremendous help. Sportslife has helped Davis Sports wherever we were in need.
— Tim Davis